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We Got A Courtside POV Of The Chaos At The End Of Knicks-Sixers Game 2 And it Is A Magnificent Masterpiece Of Mayhem


Usually when I see people recording a game, a concert, or any other type of live event on their phone, I shake my head at how stupid they are because they are missing the actual show taking place in front of their eyes for a video they will watch maybe one time the rest of their life. HOWEVAH, in this case I would like to personally thank Cousin Omar and would love to give him the biggest bearhug in human history for putting aside his viewing experience from the expensive seats in order to capture one of the most ridiculous endings to a game that I have ever seen so I can relive it over and over and over and over and over again. Not only because it feels like overdue justice for He Who Shall Not Be Named's 8 points in 9 seconds or hearing The Garden going bonkers during a big playoff moment is one of the great sounds in all of sports. But because it teaches all the young kids out there how to play good hardnosed basketball the way Dr. James Naismith intended and to never give up, no matter how bad things get. #Somethings.

The Sixers broadcaster probably learned a thing or two about that...

These guys however know for better or worse a Knicks game is NEVER over until it is over.


As do the actual Knicks who pulled that game out of the shitter since their coach hammers home a Never Say Die attitude, which is probably part of the reason he was once again won The Athletic's Players Poll for Coach Players Don't Want To Play For.

I know Joel Embiid was bellyaching about the refs after the game and believe it or not, I actually agree with him. This was a brutal foul that has no place in the game.

Shoving down Old Man Lowry in an apparent attempt to break his hip would be a flagrant in the 90s NBA and is a flagrant 2 is today's version of The Association. Hopefully Adam Silver & Co. can take a closer look at this and suspend Jojo for Game 3 if not the rest of the series! 

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to pour myself the biggest cup of Stella Blue Coffee on the planet since I have been relying exclusively on Mike Breen's Double Bang to keep me awake/alive this morning.


Add it to the glorious collection of all of Mike Breen's double bangs!