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I'm Going On A Quest To Throw Out The Ceremonial First Pitch At A Guardians Playoff Game (Side Note: If Anyone Has A Tee-Ball Connection, Please Reach Out)

So I was sitting around the other morning, discussing with one of the other member's of the 2nd floor breakfast club at Barstool Chicago HQ, Nick Turani, about his Pittsburgh Pirates fandom. Not sure if you all recall, but Nick was recently honored as the 42nd best personality in Pittsburgh Pirates media.


So I asked him, Nick, do you think with all of your Pirates clout, would you be able to work your way into throwing out a Ceremonial First Pitch? His response was absolutely not, however it sprung us into a discussion of how maybe if you put out enough game tape, it's possible to earn your way into a Major League Ceremonial first pitch. And this idea was born.

I am going to start at baseball's lowest level, Tee Ball, and work my way up the ladder. One key factor is that I must throw a strike at each spot. If I throw a Ball, as determined by an Umpire / the internet / an agreed upon Barstool Personality, then I must find a new team and repeat that level until I am successful. Here are the levels we're going with:

- Tee Ball

- Coach Pitch

- Kids Pitch

- High School

- Travel Ball

- College Ball

- Independent League

- Class A

- Double A

- Triple A

- Major Leagues (Must be Cleveland Guardians playoff game)

So now here is why I'm sure you're all going to say that I was overly ambitious with selecting a playoff game, and this could've actually worked if I simply chose a regular season game. My response to that is shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll still land somewhere amongst the stars. I want it to be a challenge, and I think that by setting my sights high, and adding in the "must be a strike" clause, the journey will be that much better to follow along. 

Anyways, without further ado, if anyone has any connections to a Tee Ball team in Chicago (that is not fully booked on Ceremonial First Pitches for the entire season), please reach out. Looking to get started soon, as I think the finding of the teams part is one thing, the accuracy to move on part could make this take......a while.