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It Should be Illegal What Flamethrower Mason Miller Just Did To The New York Yankees In The 9th Inning Today

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

Yes, I'm aware if Tommy Smokes was on the mound against the Yankees today they still probably wouldn't have scored, but we need to have another discussion about what Mason Miller is doing for the Oakland A's. We're talking about the most dominant, electric pitcher in the game right now that the casual fan likely has no idea about. I’m here to spread the word.

The Yankees sent up their top of the order in the 9th inning today, hoping to make something happen. Once I saw Mason Miller head out to the mound knew the game was very much over. If you're a trailing team and see that monster out there then you might as well be entering the seventh circle of hell. You have no chance. This was a demolition job. Borderline illegal. 


103 to Volpe forcing an emergency hack where you pray for a foul ball type of swing. 

Overpowering Juan Soto with the easiest 103 ever. You don't see pitchers blow away Soto like this ever. 


And Aaron Judge, who can't hit a beach ball right now, basically just praying an act of god occurred to cause him to reach base. 

76 pitches have been thrown by big league arms this year at 101+ MPH. Mason Miller has thrown 42 of them. He is the definition of electric and must watch, even if it comes at your team's expense. Like what are you supposed to do with that? I’d call the police. 

It’s on the Yankees anemic offense today to do diddly squat against the A’s before the 9th today. You deserve to lose that game 10 times out of 10 with how lifeless they were. Absolutely pathetic. Can’t even think about the Boone ejection anymore because of how bad they were at the plate. 

P.s. The A's having Mason Miller as their closer is the definition of having a Maserati and keeping it in your garage. Yes the A's are better this year than the 2023 team, but a guy like that belongs on a true contender. Either the A's hold onto him for five years and waste him, they ship him off to a winning club where he goes onto achieve greatness, or his arm explodes and it's all for nothing. I'm hoping it's not the latter because that kind of arm needs to be seen by all. Mason Miller is must watch baseball, please don’t pitch against the Yankees for the remainder of the week