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CANNON: The Broncos Should Trade For Nicki Minaj After Seeing Her Fire An Object Into The Crowd


The big news today is the Broncos traded for Zach Wilson. But I think they traded for the wrong person.



NY Post- “Starships” were meant to fly … but they weren’t meant to be thrown. 

During her Sunday concert, Nicki Minaj, 41, became the latest musician to get nearly pelted by an object.

In a video shared by Pop Crave on X, the rapper could be seen performing in Detroit on her Pink Friday 2 world tour. Suddenly, someone in the crowd throws an unidentified item at her. 

Minaj threw up her hand to block the object in the middle of her hit, “Starships.” She then crouched to pick it up before tossing it back into the audience.

People think of Nicki Minaj they think cannons for obvious reasons, but now you just have to think cannon after seeing this video. Talk about an arm. Just a rocket of a throw. 

I'm sure people are going to be against Nicki here saying you can't act like that and retaliate and be bigger than your problems etc etc, but the fact is she's in stage trying to entertain people and someone is going to act like an asshole and fire an object at their face she's got every right to be pissed and retaliate. The "fans" who do this suck and should be banned from concerts forever, you can't blame Nicki for being upset. 

Final thought ... Healthy Debate ... Nicki's got a better arm than Zach Wilson.