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Caitlin Clark's Indiana Fever Jersey Outsells The Dallas Cowboys Entire Team's Jersey Sales for the Whole Year

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The Dallas Cowboys are undoubtedly the most-popular team in the NFL, but even they are apparently no match for the phenomenon that is Caitlin Clark.

According to Dick Weiss of the New York Daily News, Clark, the No. 1 pick by the Indiana Fever in Wednesday's WNBA Draft, sold more jerseys on her draft day alone than every player on the Cowboys roster combined did last year.

Considering that Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons had the best-selling jersey in the NFL last year and quarterback Dak Prescott placed fifth on that same list, Clark outselling the entire team is simply mind-blowing.

Watch that video so you remember her greatness anew. 

Every single stat that comes out about Caitlin Clark's meteoric fame is truly remarkable. I'll be honest. I'm not typically a guy who watched the NCAA women's tournament, the regular season of Iowa's women's basketball, and certainly not the WNBA draft. That's all different now. I was tuned into the WNBA draft and knew about 2/3rds of the players simply by watching Caitlin Clark's games. 

Think about that. She looked dominant against other 1st round picks. She looked dominant against the biggest competition that she faced. And she looked dominant in the head-to-head matchup with Dallas Cowboys jersey sales. 

Here are last year's highest jersey sales for WNBA players:

Some estimates, and it's really hard to find the numbers in 3 minutes of googling, say that the Cowboys sold around 250k jerseys last year. If that's true, it is simply insane that she sold more in just a week. But, it's probably true. 


The WNBA merch shop gave errors because there were so many people trying to buy. Hand up. I was one. I'm a huge Caitlin Clark head and apparently, everyone else is too. She's fantastic and now the fans want her merch. If you do, here ya go.