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Nikki Cox And Jay Mohr Are On Top Of The World!

Lets start with Jay. I thought Jay Mohr was dead. I know that sounds dumb, but when I don’t hear about someone for a few years I just assume they died. Like Dennis Miller, Dead. The guy who wasn’t Dawson on Dawson’s Creek, Dead. Larry Johnson, GrandMa-Ma, he Died, super sad. Anyway, I guess the point here is if I already wrote you off as dead, wearing socks and sandals isn’t that big of a deal. Its like when you drink too much on a given weekend. You rationalize with yourself. You say “I may drink too much but at least I don’t do heroin”. Well Jay Mohr may look disgusting but at least he’s alive. So good for you Jay. Good for you.

As for Nikki Cox. Well that’s a different story. A small part of 13 year old Big Cat died today. Never getting that one back. Still love her though, that feeling can’t be changed.