Draft Week Is Upon Us, So Here Are Five Sleepers In The 2024 NFL Draft

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Draft week is actually here. That's crazy! It might just be the sloth in me but this has felt like an unusually long wait for the NFL Draft to arrive… Surely I'm not alone on that island, right? We've been staring into oblivion thinking about how the top five picks will shake out, who will make a big draft day trade, what team will be reaching for someone outta nowhere. Now we're really just hours away from seeing everything go down, I'm hyped. I am truly hyped, man.

For as long as I can remember, I've been pumping out written work on my favorite draft sleepers. Year after year. I was hesitant about bringing that to our blog here but I figured I might as well take a swing and see what y'all think. I had a list of about 12 but cut it to just five. I opted not to double up on any positions and refrained from doubling up on guys from the same school. Of course just know these five players aren't my only sleepers in the class… that'd be poor from me, very poor. I might as well just stop rambling and cut to the chase…


Blake Watson - RB - Memphis

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It’s no secret that this running back class is fairly weak. One of my favorite backs in the class is Blake Watson and I’m really hoping he finds an opportunity to impact in the NFL. The 5-foot-9, 189 pound back is incredibly elusive and brings prolific pass catching ability to the field. He’s a lethal threat in the receiving game, it only makes sense considering he played wide receiver for so many years. You can see how easy and simplified things are for him as a pass catcher, natural hands, quick thinking and supreme feel leading to wicked movement after the grab. He’s a weapon. 

As a runner you’ll notice he’s patient, wants to get to the perimeter, and has so much fun making dudes miss. It’s still puzzling to me that he didn’t receive an invite to the NFL Combine, those guys just made a mistake not having Watson in Indianapolis. He scored a 8.91 RAS at his Pro Day, killed the vertical and broad jumps whilst adding a modest 4.4 40 and phenomenal 2.47 20-yard split. When Blake Watson gets in space, fun things happen. He’ll be a day three pick and I’m really hoping he gets a chance to showcase his level of talent and make fantasy football players salivate over him.

Ryan Flournoy - WR - SE Missouri State

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Ryan Flournoy impressed many with a stellar showing at the Senior Bowl. Thankfully I got familiar with the talented wideout before the 2023 season and became somewhat fascinated with the SEMO wideout and the terrific offense he played for. The main intrigue with Flournoy stems from freakish athleticism. He earned a very impressive 9.89 RAS thanks to strong showings all over the place which included a 1.52 10-yard split, 11’0” broad jump, and a 39.5” vertical jump. Complimenting his elite athletic profile is pretty good speed and the ability to separate. You’ll see him show off strong hands, be very confident at the point of attack, thus making the 6-foot-1 target a good contested catch receiver. 

On the flip side, he will need to grow in the route-running department and be much more than a vertical threat. I worry about Ryan’s abilities after the catch and noticed a bit of stiff movement at times. He’ll also turn 25 in October, so he’s a much older prospect and it’s difficult to be patient for a guy like this to pan out. Especially when the wide receiver market is always loaded with an abundance of talent. In conclusion, I do think it’s worth taking a flier on Ryan Flournoy on late day three and seeing what he could become. There’s no risk in the investment. You might find a contributing WR3 in the sixth round or you rolled the dice on an older prospect with excellent traits and just didn’t hit. It happens. If I was in a NFL FO, I can assure you that Ryan Flournoy would be at the top of my priorities in the final rounds.

Tanner McLachlan - TE - Arizona

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Tanner McLachlan isn’t just a sleeper, he’s a sleeping giant. The Arizona tight end is my TE2 in this class and for the most part, I don’t see that same love being shared amongst the scene. Let me take a few minutes to sell you on the beast from Lethbridge, Alberta. McLachlan is a 6-foot-5, 244 pounder who posted a modest 7.66 RAS by dominating the speed portion and posting a poor agility grade. But agility isn’t something to expect from him so I don’t really care, I’m simply choosing to neglect that and trust my eyes and evaluation of everything else he brings to the table. 

McLachlan’s determination and effort levels are unmatched. It’s frightening for defenders when they see this man coming at them full speed with a head of steam. Guys struggle tackling him and that’s evidenced by McLachlan having forced a missed tackle on at least 22.5% of his receptions in 2023. And that’s exactly what you’re betting on here, a menace after the catch that fights for every single yard on the field no matter the situation. I love the strides he takes too. To reiterate, you’re not drafting this guy to block, that’s not his game. McLachlan is a receiving tight end that can burn you deep but will mostly create plenty of good things after the catch. I love Tanner McLachlan and I know it won’t be long until you do too.


Mason McCormick - G - South Dakota State

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I’ll cut right to the chase, Mason McCormick is a dawg. That’s all you need to know… and maybe that he majored in construction management. If you still need some more insight, here you go… McCormick is kind of a modern version of a throwback nasty. It starts with the seventh best RAS for a guard since 1987, a high mark of 9.96. He got that done with elite speed, superb agility, and remarkable explosion in a 6-foot-4, 309 pound body. 

Mason’s a three-year captain who started 57 consecutive games and helped lead the Jackrabbits to back to back National Championships. The kid from Sioux Falls put his blood, sweat, and tears into the program. He’s a legend there, always will be. McCormick loves getting after it in the run game, initiating contact and banging heads with whoever he sees in his path. But even moreso, he’s a stout pass protector and does a great job of keeping his quarterback happy. The complete package, that’s what Mason McCormick is. The 24-year-old rookie has so much potential. I’m looking forward to seeing which team gets a monstrous steal and a long time NFL starter. This might not be a sexy pick that gets fans going bananas, it’s a pick that feeds the foundation of a winning ball club. What more could you ask for?

Myles Harden - CB - South Dakota

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Another day three prospect here, it’s Myles Harden of South Dakota and boy do I love this corner. At 5-foot-11, 195 pounds, Harden brings a great frame to the field but does lack the arm length you desire to match with the best receivers in the world. Regardless, Myles Harden has the goods. You’ll see a super physical player who disrupts receivers with aggressiveness and strength. Denying contested catch attempts comes easy for the Florida native. He’s a huge help in the run game as well thanks to that high level of physicality and being an elite plus dependable tackler. 

I wouldn’t close the door on Harden being selected in the late third round but I feel like the middle of the fourth or early fifth is where we’ll see him go. And one franchise is getting a darn good player with plenty of upside and innate competitive fire.

And that'll do it for this blog, one last final mock draft coming later this week. Woo.