Goalie Goals Shouldn't Be Allowed To Be This Saucy

What ever happened to the good ol' days of just throwing the chubby kid in net? Those were the days when teams never had to worry about a goalie going coast-to-coast and shoving it right down their throats. It never even crossed their minds that something like that could even occur. Maybe a full field shot could go every now and then, but to get your entire team carved up like that only for the goalie to finish it off with a crispy little backhand? Heavens to Betsy. 

It's about time the goalies started fighting back, though. With the way stick technology in lacrosse has gone over the years, guys are able to pull off ridiculous shots all the time. Going behind-the-back used to be reserved for only the best players on the field who had the skill and precision to pull off something like that. Nowadays, there's not a 9-year-old playing lacrosse who can't sting a corner BTB. As stick technology advances, goalies continuously get dunked on harder and harder. So instead of remaining on the receiving end of these highlights, they'll just go out and make a few of their own. You hate to see goalie on goalie crime like that, but that's the world we live in today. Adapt or die. 


On the other side of things, if I'm the Penn goalie then I'm making sure 48 and 39 are getting their ass lit up in the next film session for leaving him out to dry like that. I know nobody expects the goalie to have wheels like that, but you'd expect Ivy League kids to make a better calculation on those angles. 

Obligatory Blaze Riorden highlight here: