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Nobody Loses Their Damn Mind For Playoff Basketball Like Steve Ballmer


I need a camera on Steve Ballmer at all times. I mean look at this guy! You're trying to tell me he doesn't fucking love NBA playoff basketball? This is all he cares about. This is also exactly how I'd want my owner to act. I don't need the buttoned up, I'm only here because I'm rich as balls guy. No, give me the rich as balls guy acting like a diehard fan. Look at the double fist pump move. That was just a couple minutes into game 1. Do you know how much energy, yeah energy, you need to have to keep it up for a best-of-7 first round series? Whatever it is, that's what Ballmer has. 

I don't even know what to think of the second video. He went through every emotion despite being up big and coming after a good play. The diabolical rubbing of the hands to the face in the hands. I don't know man, someone tell him he's winning. I know Kawhi is out, but you look unbelievable in the first half. You're up 26 at half! 

This loves a few things. He loves toilets, he loves dancing for Microsoft releases and he fucking loves NBA playoff basketball. He's the ideal owner. He's going to spend money, he's going to build a new arena and he's going to care about the team. Give me that 100 out of 100 times. I'd argue there's no better owner in the league despite the fact the Clippers have never sniffed a title. Some may even say he gets it.