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Ryan Garcia Is Crazy... LIKE A FOX!

Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy. Getty Images.

I am on very sketchy WiFi in an RV parked smack dab in the middle of the infield of Talladega, so I’ll be brief. 

After 3 weeks of social media nonsense, Ryan Garcia knocked Devin Haney down 4 times throughout 12 rounds and came away with a decision to win absolutely NO belts because he missed weight by 3 pounds. 

A rematch is inevitable and this matchup has now gone from being a lopsided bout between a technician and an unhinged pretty boy with quick hands to a coin toss.  Haney’s chin was tested and failed miserably while Ryan showed flashes of brilliance staggered between longer moments of idiocy. 

After losing the first round, Haney went on the offensive. And Garcia fought back by throwing an inordinate amount of power punches, hoping 1 or 2 would fall. 


And they did. 

Nobody walked away thinking Ryan is/was the better boxer, but everyone walked out knowing Ryan is a powerful puncher and Haney’s chin is softer than baby shit. 

I’m hoping that after Ryan burns the after-party to the ground, Team Garcia takes a more traditional approach to the rematch… The second fight will sell itself without the need for conspiracy theories or accusations of Kanye's homosexuality. 

Oh… And I told you so…

Congrats to King Ryan… You crazy fuck.

Take a report.