Ryan Garcia Pays Devin Haney $1.5 Million For Missing Weight, Seemingly Doesn't Care

At yesterday's press conference, Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia agreed to a bet on Ryan making weight. In the clip above, you can see Ryan Garcia's father pleading with his son to not agree to the bet, which was then increased form $500k flat to $500k per pound missed. 

2 hours before the weigh-in, Devin Haney informed us that Garcia was way over:


This was confirmed by Dan Rafael quickly after:

Questions then arose if the fight would even happen. Three pounds doesn't sound like a lot to the normal person, but in boxing, it could signal a fight being called off. 

Also, was the $500k bet going to be paid?

A smooth $1,500,000 lost by Ryan Garcia….when he knew he was overweight. What a move. If his dad knew his weight, he knew his weight. He's going to make millions on this fight, but losing an extra 1.5? Wild. Seems like the guy doesn't care.


That's what we call BIG BRAIN thinking from Ryan Garcia. Why try to make weight? 


Bro missed weight and still had Ozempic face. 

Haney by TKO/KO. Early.