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The Colorado Rockies Have Triggered An FAA Investigation Of A United Airlines Flight After A Member Of The Rockies Coaching Staff Posted A Video IN THE PILOTS SEAT Of The Team Plane As They Flew To Toronto

This is such a perfect Colorado Rockies story. Maybe the most forgotten MLB team out there, they aren't very good at baseball so they midas whale show us their hobbies. Some guys golf, some guys fish, some guys do legos, some guys record themselves sitting in the cockpit of a passenger airliner as it it flying through the air. What's the worst that could happen? 4-15 on the season with a run differential of -41, yeah they've kind of already given up it seems. So why not have one of your coaches in the cockpit hanging out like he's on a recliner at home? 

Turns out the FAA frowns upon stuff like this, who would have thought. An investigation has been launched into the United flight after the Rockies hitting coach UPLOADED THE VIDEO TO INSTAGRAM! In what world did Hensley Meulens think this was a good idea to do/post? No chance they would let this fly (get it)!


Crazy move by the pilots to allow this to happen. We've all walked onto a plane, looked into the cockpit and wondered what it was like, but no one has the actual balls to go into the cockpit and sit in the pilot's seat while this bad boy was flying from Denver to Toronto and on autopilot. Both pilots have been taken off their duty and that seems about right. The one pilot looks like he's having a blast up there! He's waving, he's smiling, having a good time. He's not worried about a damn thing. Just an insane move to let people do this. 

It's also the Rockies! It's not the Lakers, it's not Lebron James asking to fly, it's not the Dodgers and Ohtani, it's the Rockies! And I know this thing is on autopilot and they have made flying extremely safe and it's not like you can just press a button and the whole thing goes down, but you can't just let some schmuck into the cockpit!

There are tons of federal regulations that restrict people from accessing the flight desk and cockpit so you know this will get a full length investigation. This isn't a slap on the wrist kind of thing. A civilian was literally hanging out in the pilots seat with a plane full of people at cruising altitude!!! How does this happen? Was it Meulens who was joking around and asked if he could come in? Was it the pilots being starstruck over.....the Rockies? Threw out over the loud speaker "Anyone want to come up into the cockpit?" and hoped it was Kris Bryant or something? 

Such a wild situation here, just a crazy move to let this happen and then have it posted on Instagram. The Rockies just can't get out of their own way. Kind of a nightmare situation for United Airlines too, nothing good can come from this. I'm sure those pilots got their asses chewed out, rightfully so. Potentially losing your job so the Rockies hitting coach can get an IG video in the cockpit is wild.