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Guy Ritchie's New World War II Blockbuster 'Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare' Is An Absolute Blast That Features Alan Ritchson Killing Countless Nazis With a Bow And Arrow

Michael Loccisano. Getty Images.

I was searching for ANYTHING to do on Thursday evening with the sports world essentially shut off for the night. My fiancée threw a Taylor Swift listening party for the new album so I had to get out of the house and spare my mind. By the grace of God, Guy Ritche's new nazi killing extravaganza 'Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare' had select showings in the local cinema so I bought my ticket quicker than I could say 'Eiza Gonzalez' and found myself a beautiful escape from my apartment. 

If you're unaware of the movie, give the trailer a watch below. 


So what ya think? Looks like Guy Ritchie's spin on Inglorious Bastards with an elite cast and tons of Nazi murder, right? Well, that's exactly what you get. This movie fucking rules. Will it win awards? Will your film critic friend who searches for ethos, pathos, and logos think it's a masterpiece? No, but that guy sucks anyways. If you're in search for two hours of fun, gore, a few laughs, and a good WWII story? Buddy, do I have the movie for you. 

The cast speaks for itself. Henry Cavill, Alan Ritchson, Henry Golding, and Eiza Gonzalez lead the way along with a few British fellas filling out the rest of the crew. While Cavill does perfectly fine as the crazy leader of the group, Ritchson's character steals the show. 

If they wanted to make this two hours of his Anders Lassen walking around with a bow and arrow as he pierces the hearts of every living, breathing Nazi then I wouldn't have complained one bit. Oh you thought Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen or Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye were the go-to arrow spinners in the world? Both placed on the back burner for what you get out of Ritchson. This dude murders EVERYONE in the goriest ways possible. Anytime you let out a laugh when a guy is the middle of a murder spree because of how bad ass it is, you know they did it right. There's a sprinkle of Thad Castle in his character along with a lot of Reacher. He continues that with movies in the future and you're gonna be sick of how much this guy shows up in big action blockbusters down the road. 

And there's of course Eiza Gonzalez's portrayal of Marjorie Stewart


Cindy Ord. Getty Images.

Not sure who is still out there thinking this woman can't act. She's incredible in this as the infiltrator of the Nazi camp, coercing their leader with her drop dead looks and charm, distracting him from what's going on around him. Seriously, she's unspeakably hot. Makes no sense myself and her are both considered the same species. 


Great action, great cast, mixed in comedy, and a fantastic true story. What more do you need? Go take two hours out of your day and you won't be disappointed. My only real complaint was not enough Ritchson shooting bow and arrows. That guy should be starring in every big action movie in the future. What a star that man has become. From Blue Mountain State to maybe the next Arnold. 

P.S. Cavill, who lost out to Daniel Craig years ago for Bond, playing a guy who inspired the creation of James Bond was a nice reveal in the end credits.