Yellow Cards For Celebrating, Shaking His Ass, Fans Wanting To Fight Him - Emi Martinez Is Still The Greatest Showman In All Of Sports

So today was Europa Conference League with Aston Villa and Lille going to a shootout. Why does this matter? Most notably the game was in France and Emi Martinez is the keeper for Aston Villa. The same Emi Martinez who won the World Cup for Argentina, shutting down France and pretending to fuck a trophy



Incredible. Any time you are presented a trophy, you should show everyone up by pretending to fuck it, especially on the biggest stage in the world. Great move. Anywho, Emi Martinez is known for his shithousery to say the least. First off you had Lille fans trying to storm the field to fight him: 

Good effort, but come on. You weren't going to actually do anything here. You weren't getting onto the field. So the man gets booed for 120 minutes plus the shootout. That's why he starts shaking his ass, dancing in front of the fans, hitting them with the silencer. All fair! All should be encouraged, not given yellow cards. 


LET THE MAN DANCE! LET THE MAN TALK HIS SHIT! We need to be encouraging this behavior from a goalie, especially during shootouts. Stop with the ridiculous yellow cards. It's sports, forget sportsmanship when you got a game to win. Plus, he had fans at his throat for the entire match. Let the man do his thing and all of us to enjoy it. Dude is a starting goalie for the reigning World Cup champs. He can do whatever he wants. 

I don't want boring. Make your 0-0 jokes, but at least give us the entertaining players and Martinez is for sure that. I love the dance. You win, you can shake your ass all over the place. Frankly he should have done it more to the Lille fans. Everyone screams how easy it is to score on a PK and he stopped two of them. Worthy of dancing. Best showman in the game.