It's Depressing Listening To Joe Schoen Talk Himself Into Daniel Jones, Tommy DeVito Or Drew Lock Being The Giants Starting Quarterback

Look, Joe, I like you man, but you can't fool us with these spin zones. Not when you're talking about the starting quarterback for the Giants. Not when we saw so much bad quarterback play recently. We just want to feel something again, even if it's one game that DeVito gave us a year ago. At least he made us feel something, which is all we had a year ago. This just does nothing for me though. Saying he's comfortable with one of these three for a year, at least tell us the plan is to tank or draft someone and have a bridge year. We all could at least get on board with that. 

I know he's also doing the draft chess game. This isn't surprising being a week out from the Draft and the Giants being rumored to trade all over the place. I hope we do, draft day trades are addicting. I still think the most likely outcome is taking a quarterback in round 2 or 3 instead of trading up or something along those lines. We need too much help to just draft a quarterback and think that'll solve all the issues. Hell, we still don't know if Darren Waller is retiring or not. 


I've said it before, but one of the worst feelings in the world is knowing your NFL team is cooked right off the bat. You only have 17 weeks to watch your team, they go by fast. You want to embrace and cherish each of them. If you're at week 6, hate your team and starting to talk about draft picks it's a LONG year. You just want some hope, that's really it. You want hope that you have the pieces, you have a starting QB, anything. Right now? Yeah, I don't feel hope for much. 

If it comes to this group though, give Lock a chance. At least see what he can do before moving on to the next guy. That and just draft a quarterback nearly every year at some point until we find a true starter. Either one works.