Watch Me Host The RNR24 Weigh-Ins From West Virginia TONIGHT At 7 PM On All Barstool Platforms

Just landed in Clarksburg Just landed in Pittsburgh and drove 2 hours down to Clarksburg, WV for a wild & wonderful RNR24 Weigh-In tonight. All presented once again by the fine folks at Four Loko, which really is the perfect sponsor for Rough N' Rowdy. 

If you haven't heard we got an all new card of (0-0) fighters with brawlers no one has ever seen before. These guys are gonna be capable of anything and most likely won't be worrying too much about defense Friday night. But tonight we'll find out how much bad blood there really is and who are the leaders in the clubhouse for biggest maniac. I just hope security is ready to protect my handsome ass. 

Unfortunately for you Frank The Tank won't be by my side as usual since he's in Chicago for a film festival that likely could've been planned for any other week but fortunately for me I've replaced him with 2 ring girls. So join me, Sandy Cheeks, and Dessert on all Barstool Sports platforms at 7 PM et for the live weigh-ins of every matchup on the card. I'll post a recap in the morning assuming my new sidekicks don't keep my up all night. Kidding, I'll be in bed by 9 PM et. 


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