Nick Nurse And His Sixers Staff Swindled The Shit Out Of All-Universe Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra


Well, well, well. Would ya look at this? The Sixers coaching staff doing something we haven't seen done in well over a decade...


Or at least coach consistently well - ESPECIALLY in the waning minutes/seconds of a basketball game. Actual coaching has seemingly been a detriment to the Sixers for a long, long time. Like, almost a generation now. Jimmy Butler started to wonder what the hell was up with this organization when they essentially had a silent film session under head coach/developer/babysitter Brett Brown- a fascinatingly depressing story told on JJ Reddick's podcast. 

Doc, well, was Doc. There's a billion examples to why that man couldn't get it done on the Sixers. Or the Clippers. Or the stacked Celtics after 2008. Now he's limping into the playoffs with an under .500 record since taking over the mega talented Bucks. Honestly impressive for a man who was voted one of the top coaches of all-time. Good for Glenn tho, he's already got that excuse built in for this postseason. 

But gotta give credit where credit is due: Nick Nurse is coaching his balls to the bone. Yeah, there were obvious struggles when the MVP OF THE LEAGUE gets hurt for most of the season. But when Embiid is out there, Nick Nurse has coached this team to a 31-8 record (16-27 w/o the big man). And it's getting done in so many beautiful ways. I mean, could you ever, EVER imagine a Sixers coach in recent years calling up a play like this for Maxey last week? 


Exactly. There's just no way Doc wins vs the Heat while coaching the Sixers. None. Shit, Nick Nurse even goes out of his way to protect his players. Pretty sure Doc insinuated blame on the bus driver for the Bucks losing a game last week. Meanwhile Nick Nurse has got the entire squad and city's back. You mean to tell everyone Tobias was just gassed in the 4th quarter and that's why he wasn't on the court in crunchtime? Sure thing, coach! Sure thing! 

Now let's see how far we can ride this with an actual coach. Hopefully past the second round for once. Please. One time. CUE IT. 

PS - BBALL PAUL SHHHHHH…although reasonable and correct, you're not supposed to say the quiet thing out loud.