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Florida Two-Way Star Jac Caglianone Hit a Baseball 516 Feet for the Best Homer You'll See This Year

If you're an MLB-only baseball fan who isn't familiar with Jac Caglianone — and particularly if you're a fan of a team picking in the top five of this year's MLB Draft — watch a couple Florida games in the next six weeks, because you'll want to get a look at this guy. He's a freak.

So obviously, Caglianone can launch the ball 500 feet. That's great and all. But he's also hitting .400 this season with 21 HR in 36 games. And oh yeah, he has a 3.89 ERA as a starter in the SEC. This guy is an animal.

If it weren't for Charlie Condon having one of the most insane seasons at the plate we've ever seen — .482/.586/1.110, 24 HR and 52 RBI in 36 games — Caglianone would probably be the frontrunner for the No. 1 pick in this year's draft. But if he's allowed to continue being a two-way player and finds a way to still be able to pitch effectively at the next level in addition to his bat, whoever takes him second or third could end up getting the steal of the year.