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Cleveland Haters Will Not Like That The Guardians Have The Best Record In Major League Baseball AND The 1st Pick In The Draft

Another day, another thrilling Guardians victory over a team with at least 2x our payroll. If you're wondering if it's getting old, it is not. This team certainly knows how to keep me on my toes. Going down 5-0 but coming back to win. Giving up 5 runs and the lead in the 6th to come back and win. Playing three extra innings games in our last six....and winning all three. It hasn't been easy, and I don't think it'll ever be easy, and I'm not sure I'll ever get over watching Shane Bieber go 2-0 with 20 Ks and 0 runs given up through two starts before randomly needing Tommy John......but my God I fucking love this group. Over 10% of the season done and, let me pull out my newspaper, this team is sitting alone in FIRST PLACE in all of Major League Baseball. 

Quick Question: do you think the MLB might move the best record in all of baseball up to #9 this week.....?


Ohio vs. The World, as always. But that's how we like it. 

Now, I must say, one thing I absolutely hate about sports is the constant debate of whether you want to win now or build for the future. Like, you win a Super Bowl and you get the 32nd pick in the draft. Professional sports are built to create parity. So yes, it's cool that we have the best team in all of baseball, but I'm nervous at what cost it is taking for that?? Are we mortgaging our future for this year? 

Oh wait......

Let me quote what my Dad always said to me growing up: God my God is it GREAT to be from Cleveland. I get to enjoy the best team in baseball now, and my kids will get to enjoy the best player in baseball as they grow up (I don't have kids, but like, by the time gets to the Majors…)

And I'm not saying we are going to win the World Series this year (even though the current standings say we are). But what I am saying is those fucks down at headquarters set our total at 79.5 wins this season, and we're on pace for….114. And we have the first pick in the draft. And the Cavs are hosting in the playoffs on Saturday. And the Browns have a Top 5 roster in the NFL. Are we in the golden era….?

God my God is it GREAT to be from Cleveland.