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'Sports Ain't For Old People' - Charles Barkley Summed Up Sports And Life Perfectly After Watching Klay Thompson Suck Against The Kings

We know what happened last night. Warriors put up a stinker, Klay Thompson sucked and the era is over. I think it's more than fair to say at this point. That video started going viral of Klay taking it all in, seemingly his last game as a Warrior. I mean it makes sense to move on, even if Klay is an all-time Warrior and a big reason they won titles. But he's not Klay anymore. He had a massive 0 points last night, still hasn't looked right since the injuries and everything along those lines.

But leave it to Charles Barkley to sum it up perfectly: 


Sports ain't for old people! That's just a quality life lesson. It doesn't matter what level you're playing at, nobody gets better as they get older. You don't all of a sudden improve your jumper or get a quicker first step. No, you worry about twisting an ankle or pulling a hammy every time you go to extend a leg. It's terrifying out there! Also hilarious that Klay is only 34 years old and we're talking about him as dust. You age in sports years more than anything else. 

I mean sure there are very few exceptions - the Brady's of the world - but everyone ends up sucking at some point as they get older. That's just how sports works. It's brutal. It doesn't matter if you're a high school player, college player, pro, life all comes for you one day. You go from running all day to getting winded chasing one of your kids down the street because they see a ball. Your sports life revolves around some shooting contests, maybe trying to beat a free throw record, some half-assed pickup and golf. Now golf ain't bad. Big fan of golf, but you gotta know sports ain't for old people. 

This even goes for coaching too. You know what old people are? They are the most stubborn people on Earth. They aren't willing to adapt or change styles. So at some point even that world comes for you. Sports is a young man game, listen to Chuck talk about it sums it up better than anyone else. 

It's always weird when eras end for a team that wins a bunch of titles. That's the case though. You can keep Klay around for cheap, but the era is done. We're in the world of Jokic now. Sports ain't for old people is the most honest statement of all time though. Not shocking it came from Chuck.