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Jim Harbaugh Has Been Camped Out In A Beachfront RV Park This Offseason Like The Beautiful Psycho He Is

- Instead of renting a place in LA for this offseason, he got a big RV and has has been posted up since. 
- He's been watching DVDs of his three favorite shows (The Rockford Files, Ted Lasso and Curb Your Enthusiasm)
- New Chargers OC Greg Roman also got a massive RV and is camped out there with him. 
- They spend some time talking to each other about the run game and how fired up they are to bring one to the Chargers for once
- Great quote "....That is a known scientific fact. Winning has cured more ills than penicillin" 

This is the shit I love with Harbaugh. No more numbers nerds like Staley or clueless fools like Lynn & McCoy. Just a man's man, camped out in isolation that he can live and breathe nothing but football with his best bud that's built like Bill Dauterive. To me, this is a great sign going into the draft. His brain is locked in (hopefully to getting our hands on MHJ but I trust him regardless of pick). Maybe a trade back with Minnesota for a kings ransom so that they can draft JJ McCarthy. People don't realized that Harbaugh's campaign to overvalue him has been paying off BIG TIME with the media. 


Here's to getting some sierra nevada's next season

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