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The Knicks AWFUL, And I Mean AWFUL Video Pitch To Lebron James Starring The Sopranos From 2010 Has Surfaced And It's...AWFUL

NY Post- It was worth the wait.

The Knicks’ 2010 pitch video to LeBron James has finally been unearthed and it features The Sopranos, Trump and The Post.

Former ESPNer Pablo Torre obtained the video from the Knicks’ meeting with James and his camp in Cleveland and revealed some of its contents on the latest episode of his “Pablo Torre Finds Out” podcast.

It features James Gandolfini and Edie Falco reprising their iconic roles as Tony and Carmella Soprano — and gives credence to the theory that Tony did not die when the screen famously cut to black in the series finale.

The scene begins with a screen that says “Two Years Later (Somewhere in New York)” and shows Tony reading the June 17, 2010 edition of The Post, with the back page headline “ROAD RUNNERS” spotlighting the Mets’ win over Cleveland the night before.

OH MY GOD DID THIS DELIVER. For years we heard about the famous "pitch" to Lebron. How they referenced The Sopranos and even got Tony and Carmela / James and Edie to be in the video. We heard whispers of how it went, how it didn't work out. How Lebron decided on Miami, the Knicks were left holding their dicks and the rest is history. And now we have the actual video. 

Now it's worth noting this was part of a 10 minute pitch/ video but to actually see this opening is something. Let's first tackle the video itself. You would think James and Edie being in it is a can't miss, and no knock to them they do the best they can here with a limited script. They try to make it work, it's not their fault the plot sucks. Seriously how interesting can you really make looking at a screen? 


Next is how awkward the whole thing is. It REEKS of the generic unoriginal pitch Ari gives Vince in Entourage and ultimately gets him fired, after Vince realizes he's just like the rest of the shleps in the town. 

And you know the Knicks brass thought they nailed this. I mean they probably let him walk out of the meeting and thought "we got em, how could he pass up The Sopranos video?" Just a swing and a miss of all swing and a misses. To be able to watch this is hilarious. I'm so glad The Knicks are actually building something now and we can look back at this and somewhat laugh, even though it's still heartbreaking to think about the what if's Lebron actually came here, because otherwise we'd cry. 

The last thought I had here was how on earth this got out. I have my theories and it has to be a disgruntled former employee, which is on the Knicks not the employee. Every copy of this thing should have been burnt. Not saved on g-drives or dropboxes, not left in a drawer somewhere ... BURNT. Don't be mad someone on their way out grabbed a copy and decided to leak it to the internet. It ain't their fault you left it out, it's your fault you didn't destroy the evidence.