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Control The Story: Gardner Minshew Showed Up To The Raiders Facility Wearing A 'Lil Ass Boy' Shirt After Maxx Crosby Called Him That For An Entire Game

Perfect. This is how you control the story walking into a new facility. You may remember the whole lil ass boy thing came from Maxx Crosby during a game last year: 


Now you're walking into Maxx Crosby's locker room and it's about embracing the nickname. Gardner Minshew will always be a lil ass boy, that's what happens when everyone spent a day tweeting about it. It's a hilarious name and if you embrace it this way why not? There are far worse things to be called. Trust me. Plus, Minshew is 6'1". I'd kill to be 6'1". That's not little, that's above average height. 

This is what you should be doing, especially if Minshew ends up the backup quarterback. You gotta be the vibes guy. You can't be the backup quarterback making statements and the distraction. Just be the locker room guy. Embracing being called lil ass boy keeps everyone loose. You know Maxx Crosby loved it. This is just a solid lesson though to lean into the joke. Don't let it annoy you, just be the lil ass boy and make millions of dollars. Not a bad gig.