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It Only Took 9 Goals Against The San Jose Sharks For Connor McDavid To Pick Up His 100th Assist Of The Year

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The San Jose Sharks were an absolute dog shit hockey team this season. No two ways around it. This is a team that locked up last place in the league before the end of October. They have a goal differential of -146 on the season, and somehow that's not the worst year in franchise history. 

They added an extra 7 to that goal differential total last night after getting their shit shoved in by the Oilers 9-2. Now part of you could assume that this is a dog shit hockey team that only had 2 games left to play on the season, and that they are just mailing it in. An already bad team with nothing to play for, going up against one of the most lethal offenses in the game. That could certainly explain a 9-2 thrashing. 


Or the boys just wanted to get a chance to witness history in person. Connor McDavid had 99 assists heading into this game. They figured by the 2nd or 3rd goal of the night, he'd already have that 100th assist locked up. 

Gretzky. Lemieux. Orr. McDavid. Only 4 players in the history of the league to ever have 100 points in a season, and you could argue the first 3 are the best 3 to ever play the game. For anyone in the league under 30-years-old, it's the first time in their lifetime that someone has had 100 assists in a season. So obviously the Sharks would want to be a part of that history. 

But then goals 4, 5, and 6 came along and McDavid still didn't have an apple on the night. They had to really dig in and play the absolute worst hockey of their lives if this was going to work out. So over the span of 2 minutes in the 2nd period, the Sharks went ahead and gave up 3 more goals. 

Tap-in city over there. 

It took a lot of hard work and determination for San Jose to suck that bad. But eventually they were able to get the job done, and now that Sharks logo will always be right there whenever they play the highlights of McDavid's 100th assist of the season. They had a plan, they stuck to it and never wavered. You have to admire their dedication to the craft of being one of the worst hockey teams to ever exist. 

And credit to McJesus on 100 apples for the year. He had more multi-assist games this season than games where he had 0 assists. Lunatic behavior out of 97.