Bullying Works - CBS Is Going To Re-Air Billy Joel's MSG Concert After So Many People Complained That They Cut It Off During Piano Man

Karim blogged about it earlier today: 


Insane for this to happen. Damn near impossible. CBS had the dream lineup yesterday with The Masters and Billy Joel. It was a Sunday for suburban dads all across the country. Yes, that includes me. I left my Masters party, put the kids to bed and fired up Billy Joel at MSG. What else was I going to do? Needed to hear him play the hits and hope to hear Summer, Highland Falls. Then it hit. The hell was my local news doing on my TV? I don't watch the news, what's the point? 

But this is about more than complaining. It's that complaining and bullying works. Look at the comment in the tweet. 'Due to the overwhelming demand' uh ya think? You don't leave in the middle of Piano Man! Karim is right, that person needs to be fired. That's the one song everyone knows and loves. We're all locked in, closing up our Sunday and we don't even get the whole song. It's inexcusable! A travesty even! 

Now if they really want to make up for it, re-air it without commercials. I don't care if it costs CBS money, not my money. Just let us zone out with some Billy Joel on in the background. I know we could play it throughout whatever app we want, but live at MSG is different. I want that version of Billy. We need to figure out how to do this for other things too. 9:20 tip for the national title game? Let's complain. Don't ever turn something off mid-event again. This is how we send our message.