Incredible Move - Scottie Scheffler Showed Up To A Texas Dive Bar Wearing The Green Jacket After Winning The Masters Last Night

I love this move by Scottie. I don't care if it's an endorsement or just a 'I love this place, so I'm showing up' move. You win the green jacket, you go to a dive bar. This is even more true with his wife being pregnant. The days of going to a dive bar and nearly over, or at least on pause. Go get a quick drink, show up in the green jacket and take a couple pictures. There's nothing better than showing your friends what you won, whether it's a trophy or arguably the most iconic prize in sports. Everyone knows the green jacket. 

Classy move by Scottie to toss out a Texas hat too. That's a given, especially when you're from there. You can't show up to Inwood Tavern wearing a sponsored hat, nope you gotta throw on your go-to one. Every guy has a go-to hat. We know what it is and can immediately label it as such. 


I always wonder what these guys do after winning the green jacket. I mean you gotta break it out as much as you can. We know what Ted Scott did: 

But Scottie hitting a dive bar quick? That's just what a regular dude does. Forget the fact he's on a streak we haven't seen since prime Tiger. Forget the fact he's won 2 outta 3 Masters. The man just wanted to pop in to the local bar. I forget all the rules when it comes to wearing the green jacket but I'd be showing up to all my favorite bars in that bad boy. Conversation starter and a good reminder to everyone that I'm the best golfer in the world.