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Tyler O'Neill And Rafael Devers End Up In a Scary Collision As The Injury Luck For The Red Sox Continues To Get Worse

Patriots Day is always a cant miss day in Boston, but the Red Sox sure are playing like a team you can skip. A routine ball in the outfield turns into disaster with Tyler O'Neill and Rafael Devers crashing into each other. Tyler O'Neill looks like he took the worst of it and has exited the game. 

Anytime this happens, you immediately worry it's bad like season ending bad, and I sure hope each of them make it through this one, but man what a scary scary moment in one of the best early games of the year. Patriots Day is supposed to be an early game and be celebrated with a win just before the marathon ending. The last thing the Red Sox need is two guys smashing into each other, especially after Story Giolitto, and Pivetta are already on the men. Let's hope O'Neill is ok, he's been a monster for Boston early on, mashing 7 homers with an OPS north of 1.200 so far. 


Also, I don't care he's your third baseman and maybe he has first rights on the ball ... once O'Neill calls him off (which he should have), Devers should have stopped running. Sucky situation regardless, but communication on pop ups is the key. Everyone learns that day one of Little League.