I Hate To Say It But I Think Will Smith Is BACK After Performing "Men In Black" at Coachella

I really hate to admit how awesome this is. I think it's due to the fact: 

1. He slapped Chris Rock

2. Jada was just throwing him under the bus left and right

I think the slap will be forever brought up for the rest of Will Smith's career. Understandably so. However, a few more appearances like this and I think people will forget all about the Jada shit. I mean the stuff that she was saying was CRAZY and not a good look for Will!


It just was getting worse and worse. Will Smith was losing his "coolness". He was probably one of the cooler celebrities, especially back in the day. 'Hitch' is easily one of the best movies of all time, and god is he so cool in that movie. 

Just take a second to watch him perform. You won't be able to stop yourself from dancing and grooving. It really brings you back to the first time ever hearing "Hear come the men in black…" I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't born when MIB was released BUT I have seen it 1000 times. I love MIB 2 as well. There was a time during one summer where MIB 3 was on cable television like everyday and I watched it almost everyday. The ending scene still gets me every time. Thanks Will for reminding us and bringing back some nostalgia!