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The Cavs Were So Afraid Of The 76ers That They Tanked The 4th Quarter In One Of The Softest, Dumbest, Most Embarrassing Moves I've Ever Seen From A Professional Sports Franchise

Let's start here. The Cavs are up 8 heading into the 4th quarter, despite holding out Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Caris LeVert, and Sam Merrill. That's because the 20-61 Hornets stink. But then the Cavs looked up at the scoreboard and saw how the other games were going and they said, wait, if we win this game, we'll be the #2 seed as have to face the winner of the 76ers vs. Heat play-in game in the first round! We don't want anything to do with the #7 seed! We're pussies! Let's take out almost all of our starters, which were actually backups if you're following along, and tank the rest of the game. So they played Emoni Bates, Isaiah Mobley, Pete Nance, Damian Jones, and Tristan Thompson the rest of the game and lost the 4th quarter 32-14.....


Look I want to make something very clear: I'm not against strategizing to get a better path. Winners do whatever it takes to win. But my problem with this move is that the Cavs have determined we are fucking LOSERS. We just purposefully lost to avoid the 76ers in Round we can play the Celtics in Round 2? We just waved the white flag and there's nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. We have decided that we are a 1-and-done team this year, and it would be better to win 1 series and then almost certainly get bounced, rather than to have a few hard but winnable series to try and make a legitimate run. Pussies.

And let's not forget it took overtime for the Knicks to end up winning yesterday. But they don't give a fuck about matchups….to be the best you have to beat the best, and it's good to learn how to win, not how to lose.


That's someone I want to play for. That's someone I want to cheer for. Someone who just wants to play hard and win. Instead, we're cheering for a team that says we're just happy to be here. And let me say this: if the we're just happy to win 1 series Cavs end up losing to the Magic, which is very possible, we're cleaning house of this coaching staff.

ADDITIONALLY, it's not like we knew it exactly at the time, but if we'd have just won the game, we'd the 3 seed and playing the Pacers at home….avoiding the Celtics until the Conference Finals. Heads will roll for this dumbass, embarrassing, and soft decision…..