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Electric Guitar National Anthems Need To Be The Stock Option Before All Sports Games Moving Forward

I've long been of the belief that we need a little remix for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner before sports games. Don't get me wrong, that track is a bop. Francis Scott Key put his foot in that thing when he originally wrote the track. But it just doesn't always seem to fit the mood before a big game. It's this weird lull in energy and tenacity before a massive rivalry. 

Rivalries in sports don't get much bigger than Army vs Navy. Especially not in Army vs Navy lacrosse where both teams are historically some of the most successful programs in the sport. Army vs Navy football is always huge but let's not act like anybody is ever expecting to see either of those teams playing in the college football playoffs. There was a point this season when Army was the #1 team in the country for lacrosse. So this rivalry is massive, and it deserves an anthem to mirror that. 


That anthem ripped to the high heavens. I haven't even seen mozzarella get shredded that hard before. There's just something about the electric guitar that makes you want to go out there and break something or somebody. That's the energy you need to be flying out onto the field with. Not with tears in your eyes because of how beautiful the song is. 

Giphy Images.

We need a scene out of Mad Max before every athletic event to really get those juices flowing. Fire up the anthem, fire up the pyrotechnics, and just let it rip. That's the America I want to live in. The electric guitar anthem shouldn't be a specialty. That should come stock with every game from middle school through the pros. Make America Shred Again. 

P.S. -- Nothing would be better than seeing this Army team playing in Philly over Memorial Day Weekend in the final four.