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Fire Whoever Cut Off Billy Joel's Live Televised Concert At Madison Square Garden In The MIDDLE Of Piano Man Into The Sun

Listen, I'm man enough to admit I can't name three Billy Joel songs with a gun to my head. That's embarrassing to write out on a site primarily filled with readers above the age of 30. I blame TikTok, social media brain rot, and the unfortunate fact that I would rather listen to Drake's new diss track than any other song right now. 

But one of those songs I could name is Piano Man, and anyone with ears knows it may be one of the best songs ever created. And Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden goes together like peanut butter and jelly or KFC and not getting invited to company events. So whoever at CBS decided to cut it off and give us Channel 4 news to probably break some crazy story about another NYC lunatic let out after committing violent crimes needs to be sent to space. Look what people in the Philly metro area got shilled!


Don't they know we're residing and voting in District 3 for Bill Cotter aka the artist formerly known as Billy Football anyway? If I saw some political ad in the middle of me belting out in song to Piano Man, you bet damn well I'm not even looking towards his name in any sort of election even if he's blue, red, or purple. Some nasty nasty work there by CBS after promoting this concert special every two minutes for an entire month.

Network TV is dead.