Elon Musk’s Ex Grimes Had A Humiliating Coachella Experience This Weekend When Her Pre Programmed Set Wouldn't Play Correctly And She Was Forced To Apologize To The Crowd

Variety - Things started off strong for Grimes during her set at Coachella 2024. She entered the Sahara Stage on a futuristic walking vehicle, something that crawled like a spider as she sat in the backseat. But they quickly devolved for the electronic singer-songwriter, who faced major technical difficulties during the 50-minute show.

Just after the halfway mark, Grimes had to restart “Music 4 Machines” numerous times, explaining that the songs were playing at double the speed that she intended. “This is a difficult thing to explain but we’re having a major technical error,” she said, trying to think of a solution on the fly. “Don’t judge me for being bad a calculating things.”

Grimes said that she was trying to do the math in real time to remember the tempo of each song she had queued up but wasn’t able to compute in real-time. Instead, she decided to play several unreleased songs, including ones that she recorded in the past few days. She paused between each track, letting out angsty screams, stating that it wasn’t “actually my fault” that the set was falling apart. “I’m trying to think. I’m not good enough at math for this shit,” she said. In the end, she finally led into “Genesis,” but the set was cut short and she exited the stage.


Laugh. Out. Loud.

As a DJ, this is fucking incredible to witness. 

I have empathy for a lot of people, and a lot of things. My mother raised me well that way. This situation, and Grimes, however, are not two of them. 

You might remember the name Grimes from her stint being married(?) to Elon Musk and having his children named Tau Techno Mechanicus, X Æ A-XII, and Exa Dark Sideræl Musk. 

She's an electronic music artist and she landed a pretty coveted Coachella slot this past weekend.

As you could see in the video, right after her she began, things quickly went off the rails. It seemed whoever helped prep her set didn't put the puzzle pieces together enough, and sequence out the track listing enough for her to be able to fade back and forth. She blamed her song analyzation software (rekordbox) for mistakenly analyzing her songs and listing the bpms incorrectly. But as any actual dj, or musician, would tell you, when it comes to bpms (beats per minute), there is such a thing as double time, and half time. And it's as simple as day 1 multiplication. 70 bpm = 140 bpm in double time. 150 bpm = 75 bpm in half time. 

So that excuse is a steaming pile of shit. 

Not to mention, today's newest hardware, CDJ's, which are electronic cd players resembling turntables with a spinning platter on top that you can manually manipulate like a record 

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now include this thing called a "sync" button. 

Calling using a "sync" button cheating is a disservice to the word cheating. 

The sync button literally slows down or speeds up each songs tempo so that they match to the beat and enable you to essentially mix without looking or listening. 

The fact this technology is available today, and was at Grimes' disposal during this disaster and she still couldn't figure shit out is just sad. 

Not to mention, real musicians and djs learn to beat count in their heads (count 1,2,3,4 and you can too).

People dream of playing festivals like Coachella. They work their entire lives for the shot to do so. The amount of practice and preparation they put in for a set of this magnitude, not to mention drilling over and over in rehearsals is insane. Not for Grimes, though, apparently. The fact this wasn't caught leading up to this, or in sound check, is just mind blowingly lazy. 

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p.s. - before you start with the press play jokes, I play vinyl records on serato dicklords. so choke on one. I can play on cdjs too because I’m just a bad ass like that. it’s called putting your college degree to good use.