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Kesha Changed The Lyric To "Fuck P Diddy" At Coachella


I'll say it- Kesha kinda rocks. She was a hit maker until all sorts of terrible shit happened with her (FUCKKKK that Dr. Luke guy), but I think we're ready for a Kesha comeback tour. And maybe it started over the weekend when she joined Renee Rapp on stage and gave a big time "Fuck P Diddy"




That's how you turn lemons into lemonade, baby. It was SUPER unfortunate her big hit praised Diddy, who turns out to be….not a guy you want to compare yourself to. But just like that, easy peasy, she turned that around on him and came out looking like a million bucks in the process. It didn't even have to be creative, it's just as simple as saying "Fuck P Diddy" and giving the bird. 

I wouldn't be surprised at all if she re-records the actual single that is on Spotify to make those the lyrics. Every time that song plays in a crowded bar 23 year old girls wasted off tequila shots are going to be screaming out "fuck P Diddy!". Tough year for the Diddy. Very tough year (and if the allegations are true, I imagine he'll be hanging from a ceiling fan by the end of it).