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Caitlin Clark Knocked Her First SNL Appearance Out Of The Park

Get it, CC! What can't this woman do? Honestly? Besides winning a national championship, anything sets her mind to she accomplishes. And sure, she definitely most likely didn't write those jokes, but she still knocked them out of the park. Delivery is everything baby. You also have to remember that Caitlin Clark is only 22 years old. 22 YEARS OLD and she has already managed to... 

1. Change the way people view women's sports

2. Break countless NCAA records 


3. Break Michael Che's spirit

Poor guy must've known that was coming. "Three pieces of advice for Michael Che. One - Be. Two - Funnier. Three. Dumbass." I have nothing else to say so this blog ends here. Sorry, Francis. Shout out to Caitlin for continuing to prove the haters wrong. Have a lovely Sundae