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Wrexham Does It Again - Secures Promotion To League One For The First Time In 19 Years, Fans Storm The Field To Celebrate


Wrexham! We know the story of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buying the team, investing a ton of money, buying players and turning it into a real club again. Proof? Back-to-back seasons of promotion. They are now up to the third league, behind the Premier League and Championship. It's not crazy to think they'll be in the Championship in a couple of years. They likely need to change a couple players, like most cases in promotion, but with the back-to-back promotions and deep pockets it's not out of the realm of possibility it can be three in a row. 

This is why I love promotion/relegation. I know we keep talking about how we need it in the States, but really there's nothing that makes sense to set it up. You have something to play for all season. Avoid relegation, hope to get promoted, whatever it might be pending where you are into the table. Look at the joy of rushing the field! No word on if Kyle Filipowski faked another injury or if the normal dorks are going to scream about how rushing the field/court ruins sports. Seems pretty enjoyable. 

Also if you haven't watched Welcome to Wrexham yet, I highly recommend it. It's great, especially in the summer time when there's not much on. I personally enjoy how they focus on more than Ryan/Mac. We get to see some of the fans stories, the player's and their background. It's worth it. So shout out Wrexham. Another promotion, 3rd tier, another season with hope. 

And in case you're wondering League One promotion is - top 2 teams in the regular season then a playoff between the next 4 teams for a spot. Bottom 4 get relegated.