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Angel Hernandez Put On A Masterclass Of Bad Umpiring By Calling Strikes On Three Straight Pitches In The Other Batters Box To Ring Up Wyatt Langford

Welcome to the Big Leagues, Wyatt! There are a lot of things the minors can prepare you for, but there are certain aspects of The Show you just have to experience for yourself in order to overcome them. Pitchers with plus plus velocity throwing with pinpoint precision. Groupies at the hotel that will do whatever it takes to get into your pants/bank account. And of course The WOAT umpire that can ring you up on three straight pitches because he has a strike zone that extends to the other batters box.


That's called plate coverage. Ever hear of it?

To his credit, Wyatt Langford handled everything like an absolute professional. He knows with Cowboy Joe West out of the game, Angel Hernandez is the king of bad umpiring with no true equal. 

Even the Astros catcher had to sneak a peak to see how Langford would react to the first time he was touched by an Angel Herandez masterclass.

Giphy Images.

The fact of the matter is we are watching a man do his job at a level of greatness that nobody on the planet can do or may do again, much like Barry Bonds in the early 2000s, which could bring major changes to the game. Bonds' dominance helped usher in the Steroid Testing Era while Hernandez's outright buffoonery dominance could help usher in the Robot Ump Era sooner rather than later considering he can also call a strike in the middle of the plate a ball.


Based on what's going on in the minors, these changes may come more sooner than later...

So enjoy Angel Hernandez while we have him framing masterpieces around the strike zone because we don't know how much longer the pastime's plate-hating Picasso will be painting for.