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Fart Eliminator Today Featured An All-Time Redemption Story

This is one of our social guys. His name is allegedly Kevin, but his name on twitter is White Boy Rick, so nobody will ever call him Kevin. He's a nice kid. Hard worker. Takes pride in his hoops game. The only guy outside of Titus that can dunk.  We'll get back to him in a minute.

Today the day that fart eliminator hit the wheel.


It started off pretty fun and light.

Brandon got into the fun.

But then the fellas took it up a notch. 

KB even got fancy with it.


But i'll be honest, it was a rough day for the boys in the booth. Me, Zah, and TJ could not get a fart out. We had been trying to muster up one for most of the show, but didn't have much to show for it. So we called in some pinch hitters.

One of those pinch hitters was White Boy Rick, who also earned a new nickname today. But what a redemption story it turned out to be.

Check out the full Yak, it was an all-timer.