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Track Lengths For Taylor Swift's New Album Have Been Released And We Are All Doomed


Fortnight (feat. Post Malone) 3:48

The Tortured Poets Department 4:53

My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys 3:23

Down Bad 4:21

So Long, London 4:22

But Daddy I Love Him 5:40

Fresh Out The Slammer 3:30

Florida!!! (feat. Florence + The Machine) 3:35

Guilty As Sin ? 4:14

Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me? 5:34

I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can) 2:36

loml 4:37

I Can Do It With A Broken Heart 3:38

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived 4:05

The Alchemy 3:16

Clara Bow 3:36

Dear god. As we all know, we are a mere 8 days away from The Tortured Poets Department album release and in addition, our own funerals. We know this is going to be the breakup album of all breakup albums - a completely new vibe, era, mindset from our girl Taylor. We've known about the track list for a while now (some troll leaked it) but we didn't know how long the songs would be. Normal people may not think this is important information but as Swifties have come to realize, EVERYTHING MEANS SOMETHING. As far as deeper meanings hidden in the track lengths at the moment, we won't be able to tell. We need to hear these songs first to really be able to break down anything about them. We have to continue to have patience.

What I DO love to see is only one song under 3 minutes. That means we have plenty of room for multiple stanzas full of lyrics that will give us ALL the information we need, ample time for earth shattering bridges, and long, loud crooning choruses for the car rides in the future. 


I'm shaking with excitement at this point. I've been praying for something to bring me out of the fucking hole that is life the last few months, and as Taylor says - these songs heal her. Writing them, putting them out, watching us enjoy them - it helps her. I feel equally healed every time she comes out with something big. As always, Taylor's albums coincide with big changes/moments in my life and I need one now more than ever.