Update: The Celeb Chef Who Abandoned His Family And Got Found On A "Are We Dating The Same Guy?" Page In Texas Finally Contacted His Estranged Wife

So I wrote this blog about the British chef who left his family and ended up getting found on one of those crazy Facebook pages where women answer "are we dating the same guy?" and basically dox men they're going on dates with:

There's another discussion to be had about the morality of pages like that, but I know you wouldn't be able to get sleep without some clarity on the whole situation, so thankfully the wife has got our back after she did an interview with IHeartRadio's JAM'N 94.5 in Boston..


Charles Withers, the celeb chef said to have abandoned his family in Massachusetts a year ago, has finally reached out to estranged wife Ashley McGuire after her Facebook account of the incident went viral this week, the miffed mom of four confirmed.

The P.O.’d parent spoke to the radio station JAM’N 94.5 about the aftermath of her post to the popular social media group “Are We Dating the Same Guy,” which exposed her absent man.

McGuire said that Withers — who appeared on The Food Network TV show “Chopped” in 2022 and operated Falmouth’s C Salt Wine Bar and Grille — sent her a very plain text amid the scandal’s eruption.

“He reached out…and said he would be happy to talk to me,” McGuire, who said she was “ghosted” while pregnant with his second child last year.

She said his number had not changed, despite her suspecting otherwise. In total, McGuire said she has four children, two from before meeting Withers.

The frustrated femme’s very public plea sparked troves of amateur investigations and a slew of reaction videos, McGuire denied any ill will.


This being a local Boston story adds a lot more to this whole saga. I couldn't pick Falmouth out of a lineup with Chatham, Rockport, Salem, or Manchester-by-the-Sea, and there's no one more trustworthy than an anonymous Barstool commenter, but seems like he may owe some money to his daughter too:

I always find it funny when something goes viral on social media and then the person who posted it goes "oh, I had no idea this would blow up" like that isn't how algorithms work. And if you need anymore proof, there's a good chance someone reading this blog frequented that C Salt Wine Bar and Grille in Falmouth, and probably had interactions with this celebrity chef before. The power of social media!

Divorces are messy and dealing with them on social media is by far the worst way to go about them. And if I know anything about the Internet, it's that this one is going absolutely nowhere and that more and more will be uncovered. I did a little bit of journalism sleuthing myself and they turned the comments off on all the posts except this one, where the top comments seem to be siding with the husband?

"Interesting that you would caver a story based off of only taking her word for it and not do some digging first into who she actually is and what is transpiring in her life at the moment."

"Biased opinion for suuuure."

Like Jersey Jerry says … #MoreToCome