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Find Me A Pair Of Brothers That Celebrated National Siblings Day Better Than Josh and Bo Naylor

Okay since there is no I in team, nor in Cleveland, I wanted to start the blog by pointing out that the Guardians just won their 4th series in 4 tries to open the season a cool 9-3. And despite the unfortunate and gut-wrenching Shane Bieber injury, I'm officially all in on the Guards this year. This team is too much fun and the city was too energized at the Home Opener for me to believe that they're truly an Over/Under 79.5 wins team....and now they're playing like it. So you can mark it down right now: April 11th -- we're winning the AL Central. And this isn't going to be some 81-81 win the Central either. Through 7% of the regular season, we've still got a whopping 3 teams above .500. Who saw that one coming?

Anyways, forget the long haul, last night was a fucking storybook. On National Siblings Day, down 5-0 to the White Sox for the second consecutive game, Josh and Bo Naylor took over.


In the same inning, no less! 

....and Josh's celebration was perhaps the best use of the Sketch "What's Up, Brother?" I've seen since the OG did it himself.

Mom and Dad have to be smiling somewhere. And so the Tribe came all the way back to tie it up at 5, went down 6-5 in the Top of the 10th, but the White Sox gave the Naylor brothers each one too many at-bats. Josh tied it up with a trading places double to make it 6 all, and the Bo knocked in the game winner:

"It's BOVER" and "GuardiWins" -- this social team has been on fire lately. We might need to get this social guy OR GIRL on staff here at Barstool.


Either way, the fact that I was fretting a long summer of not caring too much about baseball, and now I'm hooked on the Guardians….what a great morning. And the Yankees are coming to town next!!! A battle of the top two teams in the American League….ALCS preview in April?