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The Dark Knight Rises! Nick Chubb Has Restructured His Deal To Become More Team Friendly And Remain On The Browns

Boom!!! I saw wayyyyy too many people saying that Nick Chubb's last carry in a Cleveland Browns uniform would be that dreadful scene in Pittsburgh, and now we can officially (hopefully) say they are wrong. That was NEVER going to happen. Nick Chubb is Cleveland....and Cleveland runs through Nick Chubb....as Nick Chubb runs through defenses. So to the haters that thought he was done here....The Dark Knight is BACK!!


For those of you that are unfamiliar, Nick Chubb had a gruesome season-ending injury last year that required major reconstructive knee surgery. And with that, not only did the Browns lose THE heart and soul of the team in the midst of a playoff run, they also ran into a huge problem: do you pay the 28 year-old running back coming off another knee injury, or do you cut him to save cap space? Honestly....I think I know what Bill Belichick would've done in his prime: get rid of the guy who more than likely won't be the same coming back, and certainly not worth the $11.75 million base salary we're paying him. But we're not the cutthroat Patriots....we're the Andrew Berry led Cleveland Browns, and we're taking care of our guy. Today's deal is the definition of a Win / Win.

Okay so we significantly lower his base and our cap charge just before the NFL Draft, and he still has the opportunity to make the same money he could've made before the injury. Who could say no to this? Obviously Chubb took a possible (and probable?) pay cut here to remain with the team….but let's not forget that the team is still paying this guy that a lot others probably just would've cut. I love this from both sides, and it speaks volumes as to what the organization and this man are all about. The Browns take care of their guys, and Nick Chubb is simply the ultimate teammate. 

Now, are we going to get back to this……?

I'm not sure. But if there's anyone who can, it's Nick Chubb. I heard he's in the building at 5:00 am every single morning working on his recovery. 

…..is it too early to say I'm getting WAY too confident in the Browns this season? Already have a Top 5 roster. Clear Top 3 coach. And an organization that finally feels like it does everything the right away?