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We're At The Point Now Where Chip Gaines Is Tweeting About Moms In Kentucky As UK Fans Are Calling Waco Restaurants To Talk To Scott Drew

I was wondering when this coaching search would start to reach insane levels. We got there today. It started with some plane tracking, but that's just college coaching search moves. Then it really picked up with this picture: 


Like I said, there's no coincidence. The moment we have a report about Kentucky's donor meeting with Scott Drew and plane tracking he tweets this out. What Baylor doesn't realize is they are dealing with the most insane fanbase in America. Listen, we don't have much in Lexington. We have Keeneland, we have a gorgeous campus and we have basketball. That's what we care about the most. That's exactly why someone zoomed in on the TV in the corner and did the research to find out this picture might be a lie! 

You give us a coaching search and we become the smartest people in the world. You give us a coaching search picture and we'll look into everything. You think you can deke us out with a Family Feud from a different year? Buddy, we can look at what is currently on. This is the sort of shit we need in the world. This is how we figure out if Scott Drew is made for Kentucky. Not enough? There's this: 

I have no idea if it's true or not, but I'm going to believe it. I know my fanbase. I know the lunatics in my fanbase. You don't go to Kentucky and leave without meeting at least a couple dozen people who this could be. Ain't a whole hell of a lot to do if you're currently living in Middlesboro besides look up Waco restaurants. 

While this is happening in one corner, this innocent tweet introduced me to my new personal enemy. Chip Gaines. 


If you have a significant other you probably know everything about Chip and Joanna Gaines. If you have ever walked inside a Target you've probably seen Chip and Joanna Gaines. They are diehard Baylor fans. The point being, Chip Gaines is now an enemy to the Commonwealth. Look at this guy. 


This guy is talking about fucking our moms! A regular day MILF Hunter has entered the ring to battle. Can't be talking like that and then throw God in it though, Chip. We need a line and it's all over the place. This fucking guy, I didn't see this coming. I mean sure, I expected him to talk about willing Scott Drew to stay. But the mom talk? That's enough out of you, Chip! 

Welcome to a Kentucky coaching search. This is just Wednesday. We're just at day 3. If this drags out, Chip Gaines might not survive.