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Victor Wembaynama Continues To Be Ridiculous, This Time He Unleashed A Flawless Shammgod

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

Just yesterday I blogged about Victor Wembanyama's latest mind-bending basketball moment when he decided to not only make a little NBA history, but that it was also time to morph into Steph Curry and unleash his patented "look away" 3PA


Well guess what we're about to do again? We're all about to gather 'round and watch our latest installment in this series, this time coming via some sort of Shammgod/post up/spin move finish

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times

What. The. Fuck.

A move like this would stand out if anyone were to do it, but for it to be a 7'4 guy? No. I'm not ready to accept that this is our reality. As someone who LOVES a good Shammgod

it's beyond terrifying that Wemby already has that move in his bag. I don't care if it came against the Grizzlies, the creativity to even try something like that combined with the skill to execute it perfectly is what's special. It was a rather modest night for Wemby for the most part, and by modest I mean another night of dominance. Just a little 18/7/6 with 7 blocks in 31 minutes if you care about that sort of thing. We're now at the point where Wemby hasn't only normalized insane plays like the one above, he's also normalized having 5+ blocks every goddamn time he steps on the floor. And when he's not blocking shots, he's striking fear into every opposing player who even dares attacking the rim


I'll remind you, this is Year 1.

Not only that, there's an argument to be made that Wemby also now has the best logo in not just the NBA, but all of sports. Did you see what Nike released yesterday?

How could you not be an all timer with a logo like that? It's true, Wemby is a basketball alien and he continues to prove it every time he steps on the floor.