Indiana Sports Writer Still Whining About "Arrogant" Dan Hurley, Wants To Hang Banner For Purdue For Losing With "Class" Last Night

Last night, Gregg Doyel met Dan Hurley. 

I'm not 100% sure where Mr. Doyel has been for the past few years, not on the internet apparently, as he has been working in sports. He is a columnist at the Indy Star after leaving CBS Sports. He has quite the reputation online. I'm not 100% sure where I've crossed paths with Gregg Doyel before last night, but he's been on my radar on the Twitter streets for sure. I do know his reputation is not very high among Purdue fans, as they often accuse him of being an Indiana fan (he may just be that).

After last night's loss to UConn, Doyel wrote this article:


You can't read the article for free, so I did cut out some of the highlights, specifically about Hurley:

The arrogance of Dan Hurley.

Did you know? Not me……Any idea what people say to Hurley to make him hold up his hand and point to his ring finger, referencing the national title he's won and your team hasn't? Again: Not me. 

This paragraph is the most midwestern thing I've read in 2024. I was going to ask if this guy lives under a rock, but he doesn't….he just lives in a Big Ten bubble. His only reference outside the Big Ten is when a school goes and plays at Butler. 

He's never seen the defending national champion coach before? Did Dan Hurley just spawn out of nowhere to this guy? He also is from one of the most famous basketball coaching families ever. 

Doyel's editor eventually got involved and tweeted this:

I know this guy felt ALIVE when he tweeted out the word ass like that. 

As Dan Hurley said last night…..JERSEY CITY! That's where he's from. He's going to talk shit and complain all game. That's how he rolls. That's the northeast in him. It always shocks me when the midwest nice crowd is taken back by the BRASH, cocky northeast guy. It's not just in the movies, folks. Is everyone like Dan Hurley? No, but there's a lot more Dan Hurley's in the tri-state area than in the midwest, I'll tell you that. 


Ball don't lie……about what?!?!?!?


As I was writing this blog, I was informed Gregg Doyel didn't vote for JJ McCarthy in his Heisman ballot this year due to Connor Stalions. 

Just the absolute WORST.