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Nobody Has Ever Called Their Shot Like Dan Hurley - 4 Years Ago Said Teams 'Better Get Us Now', Today He's Talking About Running College Hoops

This was in January 2020. Villanova beat UConn 61-55. It wasn't even a conference game, UConn was in the middle of a 4-game losing streak and they finished the year 19-12. 

It's coming.

That's the message Dan Hurley had. We all basically chalked it up to coach talk, Hurley being a lunatic and rallying a team and fanbase. Instead it ended up being the gold standard for calling a shot. Why? This is what he said tonight. 


Forget the last 30 years, just right now, Dan Hurley is running college basketball. He's the best coach in the game. There's a reason me and every other Kentucky fan are dreaming of giving up everything we own to get him to Lexington. He's the dream hire for blue bloods everywhere despite being at a blue blood. That's how good he is. 

Dan Hurley is the face of men's college basketball - at least from a coach standpoint. It's no longer Pitino, Self, Calipari, Few, Izzo or the old guard. He's the face. You win back-to-back, you have that personality, you are the face. He knew it was coming. He knew everyone had to get them now. That clip needs to be in the Hall of Fame when he gets inducted. I don't know how you put a clip in the Hall of Fame, but it belongs there. It's truly the start of this arc for him with the back-to-back following. 

And look, he's a genius. This gameplan worked perfectly 

Held Purdue to seven attempts from three. Not makes, attempts. That's batshit crazy for a team that can shoot the ball. He didn't care. He's not the first person to have a strategy of hey let the other team's star get his and just shut off everyone else, but this was one of the few times it worked perfectly. Everyone on UConn was locked in defensively and outside of a stretch in the first half, Purdue had nothing. 

Again, Babe Ruth had his thing, we don't really know, none of our parents and most of our grandparents were alive. We have a real clip of Dan Hurley calling his shot. He runs college basketball right now.