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The Dream: Schools All Around Purdue Were Given A 2-Hour Delay On Tuesday So Everyone Could Watch The National Title Game


Fuck snow delays, getting a national title 2-hour delay is the dream. Smart move, they even say they were worried about staffing issues. No need to throw the eclipse in there though. Everyone knows we're all watching the national title game. Yeah, it starts late. I work in my recliner, start the game at 11 for all I care, I'll be watching. Time is fake this time of the year anyways. But this is how you do it. This is how you lean into the whole 'in 49 other states it's just basketball' thing Indiana does. Should just give them off tomorrow if we're being honest, teachers and staff won't want to be there. 

But think about it as a student here in high school. Your team is playing in the national title game. Nerves are already at an all-time high. If you lose, all you can think about is how you stayed up late for a loss and have to go to school. Now you get the fear of that early alarm going off. 

This should be the case every year, not an exception. Every school in the country should be on a 2-hour delay, schools where the teams are playing get the day off. Make it mean something. Yeah, it's a late start, but can we get this shit out of football stadiums first? That's the bigger problem if we're being honest. Either way, embrace the night and just don't go to school tomorrow anyways, doesn't matter if you're a teacher or student.