One Of The Hosts Of The View Said Today’s Solar Eclipse Was The Result Of Climate Change With A Straight Face and 100% Certainty

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones is how the famous phrase goes. So let he who’s never said something totally wrong before throw the first stone. As somebody who’s said some wildly incorrect shit in my life before, I feel for Sunny here.

Going all in on a take like this, on national television no less, and being fact checked by Whoopi Goldberg is a tough look. In fact, I’m really not sure there’s any coming back from it.

Especially when you’re name is Sunny.

Talk about the perfect opportunity to quote one of Harvard’s most prestigious minds, our very own Riggs. 


Real talk, imagine thinking we humans, little specks of dust in relation to the universe, are capable of affecting the sun? The fucking sun?

I get and kind of agree with the argument that what we’re doing to the planet is increasing the propensity and intensity of natural disasters like hurricanes, wild fires, etc. I think you’ve gotta be a real ignoramus to ignore what we’re doing as a species to this planet in terms of pollution, deforesting, driving other species to extinction, fucking up ecosystems, and poisoning the water, land, and air. But thinking that we have the power or capability to affect the tectonic plates that cause earthquakes, and again, the fucking sun is either a level of stupid I wasn’t aware of, or some wild conspiracy theory shit, that even I can’t consider…

But that’s only half of the blog. 

(Passive aggressive statement incoming) Ever since I began delving into this whole Sun/Solar Eclipse/NASA/CERN thing a couple weeks ago, which I referenced in pretty good detail in my blog (that Old Man Thornton pretended I never wrote in his Eclipse Conspiracy Theories blog this morning), I’ve been down many a rabbit holes about the Sun and  prognostications for it ever the next trillion years and such.

Sunny and her co-hosts would never bother with something as contrived as science, but scientists are starting to not just think that the sun is the key to all of the worlds energy problems, but they’re finding ways to harness it and mimic it. And we’re not talking about solar panels. 

In southern France right now they’re currently building “the most complex machine ever engineered” in hopes to harness and replicate nuclear fusion that takes place in/on the sun.

Euronews- We are building arguably the most complex machine ever designed," confided Laban Coblentz.

The task at hand is to demonstrate the feasibility of harnessing nuclear fusion - the same reaction powering our Sun and stars - at an industrial scale.

To do this, the world’s largest magnetic confinement chamber, or tokamak, is under construction in the south of France to generate net energy.

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project agreement was formally signed in 2006 by the US, EU, Russia, China, India, and South Korea at the Elysée Palace in Paris.

There are now more than 30 countries collaborating on the effort to build the experimental device, projected to weigh 23,000 tonnes and withstand temperatures of up to 150 million°C when complete.

Then of course there’s the fusion reactor China is building that they’ve dubbed “the artificial sun” that they say plans to get “five times hotter” than our actual sun. How is that even possible? I have zero idea because I’m just a moron who blogs stuff for a smut website. I don’t have my own day time talk show. (And I actually blogged about this a while back but I can’t find it because our back end search is somehow even worse than the front end but I’m just being passive aggressive again.)

The point is there is some WILD shit going on in terms of technological and scientific advances. And I don’t think the sun is going to like it. 

It’s already had a giant black hole rip open in it which I don’t think bodes well for us. 

It’s just a matter of time before it goes Super Mario 3 on us all.


P.s. - how is The View still a real thing? Every other week I feel like these ladies say something idiotic like this that they get killed for and yet they still just keep trucking?

P.p.s.- in line with Riggs’ tweet, the real g.o.a.t. Professor Carlin with one of his great rants