In His Latest Display Of Absurdity, Victor Wembanyama Is Now Flawlessly Executing The Patented Steph Curry "Look Away" Three

Tim Heitman. Getty Images.

Not to take away from Tyrese Maxey's very impressive 52 point outburst on Sunday night (which you can read more about from Smitty here) but we also got something else during the Sixers/Spurs game that shouldn't be ignored. 

As has become a tradition with Victor Wembanyama, not only did he once again make NBA history in yet another game


which is terrifying enough, but he also gave us another example of how absurd this dude truly is. Part of the fun this season has been watching all the ways Wemby has come into the league and immediately pulled out moves we've either never seen before or moves that are usually reserved for the all-time greats ranging from guards to wings to bigs. He's done it all. You have to consistently remind yourself that this is the worst he's going to look, and that fact alone will send a chill down the spine of any fanbase with hopes of winning the NBA title in the near future. 

But out of all the ridiculous things we've seen Wemby pull off in Year 1, you know what I never really considered we'd have to deal with? 

The Steph Curry "Look Away" 3PA. You see that shit in those highlights? If you missed it, here it is again

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No. Enough. We cannot live in a world where Wemby can also pull off the no-look Steph 3PA. Easily one of the best parts of Steph's game


this cannot be something that Wemby also gets to work into this offensive arsenal. Where's the line? What isn't he capable of doing at this point? How is this shit even possible?

I've already accepted Wemby as being a legit threat from deep. I'm cool with him taking and making stepbacks, breaking people off the dribble and pulling up from three, launching from 35ft etc. All the stuff we've seen Steph make the norm in 2024.

But the look away 3PA is where I have to draw the line. 

This is partly what makes a comp for Wemby so impossible. He's somehow a blend of Hakeem, KD, Steph, Duncan, Porzingis, the list goes on and on. We're at the end of the NBA season where you would think we're accustomed to shit like this, but then we have that moment last night and your brain melts all over again. Now picture Wemby and the Spurs with any sort of upgrade at the point guard spot, whether that's Trae Young Darius Garland or someone else. We're all so screwed.

It has to be hard enough to guard a guy who is 7'4 and can already score at all 3 levels, but now you have to worry about the 3s where Wemby isn't even looking? Come on. 

We all know what happens when you try this and it fails. You look like a gigantic asshole. It's one of those plays where if you attempt it, you HAVE to make the shot. That's the beauty of when Steph does it because it feels like it's always some sort of dagger, and I don't think he's ever hit the rim on one of those moves. He's selective about when he unleashes it, but as an opposing fan when you see him turn around, you know you're just moments away from death.

I would wager that it's only a matter of time before we see Wemby crush someone's dreams with this same shot in the same way Steph has for years now, and just like when it comes to Steph there won't be anything you can do to stop him.