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'I Don't Want To Deal With The Portal Shit' - Forget Icon Status, Dan Hurley's Motivation For Winning Is Simply Not Wanting To Do Dumb Work

It's no secret that if Dan Hurley wins tonight he cements himself into a whole different tier of coaches. He becomes the first since Billy Donovan to go back-to-back. He gets the elusive second title that we use as a barometer for so many coaches. He has arguably the most dominant 2-year run in decades, pick this or the Florida one obviously. 

Forget all that though, Dan Hurley wants to keep winning so he doesn't have to do tedious work. Forget the fact that UConn is led by transfers (Newton, Diarra, Spencer). You think he wants to sit down with an assistant coach or someone on staff and go over who is in the portal? No. We've all been there before. You push out the work you don't want to do as long as possible. It's the most relatable thing a man who is the son of a Hall of Fame coach, who played Division I basketball and is now the best coach in the country has ever been. 


Again, it's a pain the ass for coaches. You gotta deal with just recruiting guys all the time and everything that goes along with it. No one has ever doubted that. So no kidding Dan Hurley wants to keep winning so he doesn't have to deal with that. Plus, he's sort of a cheat code. Everyone wants to play for Hurley. He can pick his guys when the season is over. It's also a large part how you win now. UConn has blended the transfers with guys they've kept. Purdue getting Lance Jones gave them someone they desperately needed. 

It's basically like filling out a report. You gotta look through all the information, figure out what you want and then make calls. Gross. Making calls stinks. I don't blame Hurley one bit, just hilarious to hear him admit it when he's building a program through it.