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In the Softest Move I've Ever Seen From a Rapper, J. Cole Apologizes to Kendrick Lamar for His Diss Track

Do the people of Barstool care about rap beef? Or rap stories at all? know they do if it's super juicy. Like when Drake's fake dick went viral, or when P Diddy's sexual assault/human trafficking lawsuit resulted in Meek Mill being out as gay (allegedly), and Meek Mill went on a day long "I'm not gay I actually love pussy" tweet storm, or when Lil Tay is going on tour

I know big things like that move the needle. Although I'm not so sure about a Kendrick Lamar vs J. Cole rap beef.

But if you are interested, or if you're not caught up with the story, here's the situation. Last month, Kendrick Lamar dropped a diss track where he took shots at J. Cole and Drake. The song, "Like That" was featured on Future & Metro Boomin's latest album, "We Don't Trust You." In my opinion, the song was awesome. But I didn't really think Kendrick Lamar said that much. He pretty much just worked the names of a couple Drake & J. Cole songs into his verse, and said "Motherfuck the big three, it's just big me", which was a reference to J. Cole at one time saying him, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar were the big three of rap. It really wasn't much. I thought the song was awesome, but as far as diss tracks go, it seemed pretty tame.

A few weeks later, J. Cole responded with a diss track of his own. J. Cole's diss track was much more to the point. He called Kendrick Lamar out for more specific shit. He used to whole song to sort of attack his career. The song was fine. I enjoyed it. It was much more of a diss track than Kendricks. And it seemed warranted. Kendrick took the first shot, so J. Cole is entitled to respond.

Everything seemed above board. Nobody went too crazy with their diss. And maybe I'm just cynical from being on the internettoo much, but to me it all kinda seemed like manufactured rap beef in order to sell some records. I never thought the rappers actually hated each other. But whatever. It was a fun enough storyline. That's really all it was. I thought maybe Kendrick Lamar or Drake would drop a new diss themselves. It could have been cool if we got at least 1 more song out of it. But that's all I figured it would amount to.


Then fucking J. Cole gets on stage last night in North Carolina and did the lamest fucking thing I've ever seen. 

I mean that's kinda disappointing to see right? He can't let a diss track be out there for more than a few days without issuing a public apology. J. Cole was afraid he hurt Kendrick Lamar's feelings? I mean what is that? I'm not saying rappers have to fucking kill each other for it to qualify as a "good beef", but the immediate public apology is insanely soft. Barstool bloggers aren't even that soft. We all know these guys don't have any real animosity towards each other, but if you're going to do the whole back and forth diss track thing, can you at least stretch it out a little bit instead of immediately walking it back? C'mon J. Cole. At least let this storyline play out a little bit longer. 

Now what I'm hoping is that Kendrick Lamar drops another diss track, specifically calling J. Cole out on being a pussy for issuing such a sad public apology. That's the only thing that can save the beef now. If Kendrick does that, then I'll have no choice but to take this seriously. Again, I don't need my rap beefs to turn into a Biggie vs Tupac situation where everyone kills each other. But the instant apology is one of the softest things I've ever seen.